Metal roof is a great choice for property owners

Metal roof is durable and heat resistant; this is the reason why property owners choose it for their property. We have high-qualified roofers who will measure and install or repair your roof. Once we have completed the repair or the installation, our roof painters will apply paint to add vibrancy and enhance the life of your roof. A damaged metal roof can be a big problem for your property. Not only it will look old and dull, it can also result in leakage problem. So, you should get it repaired as soon as possible. Whether it is a minor or a major fix, our metal roofing painting experts can manage a wider range of roof painting jobs. As a leading roof painting service provider, we use top quality painting products to bring a new life to your roof.  Our painters will take time to address all rust, loose screws and areas of corrosion. We believe in following proper procedure for preparation of the painting project.  We always strive to give our best.


At Sydney Roof Construction, we have expertise in all aspects of both roof repair and replacement and can give you an honest and explainable quote based on many years of experience with dealing with anything a roof can throw at us. There is nothing your roof can have wrong that we have not dealt with on many occasions.

Installing a new roof is a great look if you are renovating or modernising or just upgrading your tired old roof. It can also be far more financially viable in the long run compared with continuously repairing an old roof. The warranty on a new roof will leave you feeling worry free for many years to come not having to be concerned every time it rains or there is a storm coming.

Sydney Roof Construction also deal with commercial roofing. Sydney Roof Construction has the expertise and manpower to tackle large scale commercial works.

We take the time to consult with the property owner to fit into your timescale and to repair or replace your roof with the least disruption possible to you and your workplace.

When considering a new roof you have many Roofing options and plenty of things to consider.

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