Sydney Roof Construction offers terracotta roof restoration Sydney wide

Tiled roofs look stunning – when they are in good shape! Over time, these types of roofs become covered with dirt, dust, stains, moss and lichen, and the tiles can becomes cracked and broken. This not only spoils the appearance of your home, but can also create issues in terms of leaks. At Sydney Roof Construction, we are fully equipped to tackle even the most decrepit looking terracotta roof, so you can be sure that you will be happy with the results!

When we come to restore your roof, we begin by replacing any broken tiles. We will also replace any rusted valley irons and re-cement ridge capping where required to ensure all join lines are fully sealed. Once these essential repair jobs are carried out, we clean the tiles with a high pressure hose to remove unsightly dirt, grim and stains. An anti fungal treatment is them applied to help prevent the re-growth of any mould, moss or lichen – therefore prolonging the ‘just cleaned’ appearance. Once this has been completed, we re-point all ridge capping to finish off the terracotta roof restoration.

With over 3 years worth of experience in the industry, you will find that we do a fantastic job each and every time.

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